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Sep. 17th, 2007 | 10:31 pm
location: Identity my BUTT
mood: i feel...drunk? on hw =] i feel...drunk? on hw =]
music: Howl's Moving Castle OST


So I can download free albums =]


Gosh, I haven't been on LJ since forever! No one is here anymore, stupid facebook ><

... hello =]

How art thou!?


Jun. 1st, 2007 | 08:15 pm
location: crapland of SAT II's
mood: Deliriously delirious Deliriously delirious
music: Here in Your Arms - Hellogoodbye ;]

HERMS... I should so totally be reviewing for the SAT II CHEMISTRY tomorrow!!!

But as you all should be very aware by now, I am the KING of PROCRASTINATING...so here I am =D on livejournal ranting about how I shouldn't be ranting on livejournal

anyways, SAT II is making me feel nervous and queasy and I think I'm going delirious....hehe

O yes...did you guys get your CAHSEE test results back? I got erm... not that good scores but at least I passes ><

Math: 450/450
English: 429/450
Writing: 3.5/4

O yes, I remember now...I frikkin fell asleep during the frikkin English portion...no wonder I frikkin failed that =_=

and oh yeah...what did we do for the writing portion again? I don't quite remember because I totally wrote a buttload of crap for it ><

anywhose, school is getting very miserable and I dread everyday I have to drag my poor tired feet and my poor sorry buttt to school...


Apr. 29th, 2007 | 10:06 pm
location: WeeWeeland
mood: chippers chippers
music: La La La - Se7en

Sophie dear is such a bad influence =D...but then again I love wasting time doing randomly fun things


Apr. 24th, 2007 | 06:42 pm
location: where you can always find me =D ---> braincellless ditzyland
mood: ditzy as evah ditzy as evah
music: Summer - Joe Hisaishi <--- composer of many studio ghibli moosik =D

Ok, so today was one of those typical being ripped off by your fellow classmates day...as we all are QUITE AWARE of NOW =_=

a certain fellow classmate: Maria do you wanna buy Jamba Juice, since it's such a hot day...Jamba Juice shall calm down your nerves and refresh your energy

or something along those lines...

Me: uhm eh hehe...how much is it?

the certain fellow classmate: It's...4 dollahs!!

Me: *faint in disbelief* WTHHHH...uhm I'm actually quite full...not thirsty either

so I sneak off with Monica Chen =_=

the evil evil certain fellow classmate: *announcement* Jamba Juice for 3 dollahs!!! 3 dollahs only! *rush of 30 ppl start to cram to buy stoopid melted Jamba Juice*

Me: O_O waitwait, how could he...wtheck, why didn't they give me THAT discount =___=

Later in chemistry class 5th period...

Me: *stares at Gilbert's Jamba Juice* is that good =D?

Gilbert and his flippy hairness: it's ok, but I don't even know what flavor it is....they practically shoved it in my face so I paid them 2 dollahs for it...

Me: ;;;;;;;______________;;;;;;;

and that was a loverly demonstration of how I WOULD HAVE got TOTALLY RIPPED OFF today if I had actually bought that darn Jamba Juice but since I'm just so smart...

HA anyways...I already spent 12 dollahs and 25 cents in the span of 2 days, which is really bad considering the food I got wasn't even that much and not that good either...
Thus, I will have to start practicing SELF CONTROL beginning tomorrows =D and I will so totally not be tempted by those delectable mochi like I was today =_=


How dids your day go?

On the subject of Winter Break

Dec. 24th, 2006 | 07:03 pm
location: erm....bloarnedd figure it out =D
mood: you pop my bubble you pop my bubble
music: I like to eateateat apples and bananas...epples and banenes


its only been what? 4 days into break and im already bored to death

but then again I havent done hw =_+ i should really get started.......GAHHHHH

AMUSE MEEEEEEE...well actually all y'all are like halfway across the workd enjoying your little vacations ;;;;;______;;;;; so pooooopsies


Dec. 17th, 2006 | 04:48 pm
location: erm...another trip to the KITCHENN!! without being caught =]
mood: have to finish art project NOW have to finish art project NOW
music: Walk Away - Paula Deanda

YAY!! Christmas is here...almost and I can't wait until winter break is HERE!! GAHHH just 2.5 more days until I can stay home and grow faaaaaat!!!! WHEEEE I'm like hecka in the holiday spirits right now...I think it was the cookies and candy that got me all high =D

Guess what I got for Christmas already!??!

1. video ipod
2. cute wittle backpack
3. clothes
4. candy
5. bad grades
6. candy
7. official certificate honoring MARIA WANG for failing at life
8. tinky hamster droppings on my desk =_=
9. candy...
10. cinderella scarf and matching gloves O_O''''....


Anyways...I know its kinda like LATEE to be asking but what do YOUUUU want for Christmas...YES YOUUU TELL ME NOWWWWW >=] or elseeee...
I only prepared gifts for a number of people because IDUNNO what to gives to such wonderful persons =D SO TELL MEEEEEE

Schedule so far for the upcoming winter break:

1. Dipti's B-day/sleepover party from 12/20-12/21 YAYYYY
2. Meetings at either my house or Alanna dear's house or both or neither LOL for the uberly looserful science project that I'm depending on to raise my chem grade from a Z- to an A heheeeee
3. Wendy + MEEE = window shopping we were planning to do like...a year ago GOSHHHH
4. Aub and bunch of crazy hyper people and me ---> sleepover and a scary movie XD
5. pinkkerrs and amandiepoo and priya dear and alanna and other coolio food lover ppl should get togethers some time YESYES
6. =_= the inevitable hw and etc. work
7. GO TO CHURCH EVERY FRIDAYYYYYYYY >< because I must as the faithful Christian that I wanna be =)

YAYYYYYY!! This sounds like a busy winter break =_= but still fun-ish if mom didnt have to be soooo BRIBING GRRRRRR....I probs have to stay at home most of the time and cancel all these things cuz she wants me to be studious and A + ey at home >[

PINKKERRS save meeeee!


and we didn't even set up a plastic Christmas tree this year...;;;;_______;;;;


Nov. 9th, 2006 | 06:38 am
location: LALA land - numb dummy state where i dunno wth im doing
mood: its freezing in the house its freezing in the house
music: stoopid neighbor playing stoopid songs over and over and ...

Aiyah!! GOSHEMS I haven't posted on LJ since like...forever!!

ANYWAYS IM BACK!! >]muwahaa miss me?

....and uhh...right now its frikkin 5:30 AM in the morning =_+ cuz I like...sorta pulled an all-nighter finishing up my stoopid looserful art project, which is this really creepy looking mask without any pupils =_= and I keep on MEANING to add pupils so ppl can stop mentioning how creepy it looks but too tiiiiiiireeeeeeeedd......so too bad ;] everyone will just have to suffer - look at my mask and turn into STONE!! hehe

so now...I should really be catching up on like...50 min of sleep =_=...but Im actually posting on LJ cuz ionoo...it was like compulsive reaction or sumthing!! =D SIGHHH

OKEY gnight cuz there's like...nothing else to say at 5:35 in the morning except that I am going to fall asleep in ENGLISH tomorrow and drool on oedipus book and lindsey is going to kick my butt ;________;

btw, where was AMANDIEPOO today? I didn't see O_O you at lunch or in the morning or after school or etc... =_= GRRRR



Aug. 31st, 2006 | 04:30 pm
location: zzzzzzzzzzzzz
mood: distressed distressed
music: im too sexxxxxxxxyy XD

im soooo tired....and its only the second day of school =_=

i need a VACATION =D

eww...what is that pinky thingy waving around in my mood icon?

the hamster's....arm? leg? O_o


Aug. 30th, 2006 | 04:48 pm
location: somewhere in LALALAND haha
mood: haha QUIXOTIC vocab word!!! XD haha QUIXOTIC vocab word!!! XD
music: moooos ichh

o poop i hate my schedule...i have PE 3rd period so that means we have advisory during PE and we hafta do the STAR testing during it too =_= GASFKHADGLa


1 period ENGLISH: lindsey is EVIL >< she sounds so hard and strict and BLLAHH ... what does she mean ICE for all the tests and no objective ones?!?!?! O_O sounds like peterson and i don't really like her..

2 period ART 1: hmmmm...christensen is kinda...weirdddd iono and she was practically BEGGING for the art donations...50 BUCKWS each MANNNNNNN its not like we get to keep the supplies or anything...and i only know like....2 ppl in there like like like monica chen MOLLLLLYYY >=)

3 period PE: i have marden and he's really funny, but he reminds me of kriskovich (old guy who teaches PE at hopkins and flirts with the 8th grade girls XP) but iono why LOL

4 period MATH: karmali sounds really hard thus i will fail very badly in his class and get an F- and get retentionized and be a looser and fail at life and everything else GAHHH while PINKERRRS aces everything and gets even better grades than her brother did like she always does cuz she's just so studious and smart like that....although he does have a good sense of humor LAZY ASSESSS HAHAHAAA!!!!

5 period SCIENCE: fendell is weird....and has a weird sense of humor...when he tried to crack jokes, there were only like 2 ppl laffing nervously and others were just staring at him like he was crazy for thinking that they would actually attempt to laugh at his stoopid "jokes" =_=
but i guess he seems nice...

FENDELL: " all those things you heard about me from my other former students are all FALSE because the truth is.....................IM MUCH WORSE!"

students: "hehehe.....hehe...cough....he..." o well =_= so i guess not only does he talk to rocks....he sings to them too..?!

6 period HISTORY: benton seems nice and we played bingo at the end of the class. i think she's a new teacher at mission this year but she used to teach at james logan high school...she talked about herself ALOT LOL but having history 6 period is bad because at the end of the day ill just be falling asleep in her class cuz history is always boring no matter how hard you try to keep awake or how hard the teacher tries to make it interesting...

anyways... that was my first day of sophomore year at mission....and it was boring and loooserful =_=



Aug. 25th, 2006 | 12:49 pm
location: why do i always get the hard teachers =_=
mood: blah blah
music: london bridge is funny XD

P1: honors english LINDSEY



P4: honors geometry KARMALI

P5: honors chemistry FENDELL

P6: world history BENTON

tell me what classes you have with me =D

oo poooo...summer is almost over XP noooooooooooooo.....